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Visionary Endeavors All Around the Globe



With coronavirus becoming an enormous global issue, the delta variant had a significant impact on India. One of the cities that was majorly impacted was Hyderabad due to its large density in which people did not have sufficient space to quarantine after getting COVID. To provide support, our team assisted in the construction of a COVID Isolation Center at Jawahar Center, Hyderabad, India in late May/early June 2021. The center provided quality care for Covid-19 patients free of cost and free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as other essential services like an onsite doctor and nurses. The center also included 30 beds (with resources available to expand up to 100 beds depending on the need), oxygen concentrators, medical and blood pressure kits, and blood glucose meters. Special thanks to G Kishan Reddy for inaugurating the COVID isolation center, which helped serve 50-60 COVID patients during the spread of the delta variant.



In Bloomington, Illinois, recycling has been an issue that has been disregarded in terms of the local parks. Because many parks lack convenient recycling facilities, Universal Help is collaborating with the City of Bloomington to improve recycling access in parks. Starting in Miller Park, we are working to plan and solve logistical problems by implementing a durable bin system. These bins will be easy to maintain and strong enough to endure weather conditions.



Many regions in India do not have the accessible resources to provide the best education possible to the children. Universal Help digitized Kasturba Gandhi Girls High School by providing resources such as a projector, computers, an uninterruptible power supply, and speakers. Paired with the computers, we provided online resources from "Cambridge University Press Material". We were able to help 220 students, and we hope to continue to digitize other districts in the future.


MALL REVITALIZATION (Project is currently stalled)

In Bloomington, Illinois, Eastland Mall has been experiencing low traffic and attention for the past several years. The enormous space is deserted, and all of the available real estate is being wasted. Repurposing the abandon store spaces would allow other organizations or companies to utilize the space for meetings or events. The pandemic has caused a lot of stores in Eastland Mall to shut down which is why Universal Help is attempting to solve this issue by presenting new ideas for making better use of the area and reintroducing traffic to Eastland Mall.



​Since 2018, not only have we distributed textbooks but also notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, and slates to 19 different government elementary and high schools in NP Kunta Mandal, Anantapur. Over 2000 students have benefited since 2017 by helping four high schools and 15 elementary schools. Since 2018, physics textbooks in both English and Telugu have also been provided to 200 10th-grade students every year. As we supply schools on an annual basis, we hope to extend this to other schools across India.



Cyclone Yaas was a powerful storm that heavily impacted West Bengal. During this time, Universal Help provided emergency funds for the West Bengal Radio Club. The cyclone disrupted cell communication and decimated existing emergency ham radio communications used during communication blackouts. When existing emergency equipment was flooded, Universal Help provided immediate funding to the state's radio club. Universal Help also supplied equipment to help emergency responders find injured people in West Bengal and save lives during the cyclone.



Universal Help distributed two months of groceries to poor Purohit families of Kopparu village in Pedanandipadu mandal, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh and 10 grocery kits to the Purohits of Bolarum, Hyderabad during the 2nd wave of lockdown. We also distributed groceries and other essential goods for a month to a mental health clinic in Shantiniketan, Hyderabad. Together, Universal Help and GSSO distributed food (rice, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, cooking powders, vegetables, fruits, chilies, etc.) to 380 families in rural villages in India during the first two waves of Covid. We have also partnered with United Way to raise funds to provide food during the lockdown to families in need in McLean County.

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